Famous Americans Presentations

Last week we presented our famous American statues that we had been working on for a few class periods. Each table studied and researched a famous American and then created a statue that would depict why their American was famous. The statue presentations also included a plaque describing the statue and the famous American. Here are some pictures from the big event:


The stage was set ….


Thomas Jefferson:

photo19 photo18

Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia (our state)! He was the third president of the United States and he wrote the Declaration of Independence, a document that states that people have certain rights.  He was a leader who helped to develop our new country.

The Declaration of Independence is significant (important) because it made us a free country.  (Free from whom? Parents- ask us about it!)

Thurgood Marshall:


Thurgood Marshall was a lawyer who defended people at a time when not all people had equal rights. He was the first African American justice of the United States Supreme Court.

In this picture we have a judge, a lawyer, and two people celebrating equality. Parents- ask us who is who!!

George Washington:

photo8 photo9

George Washington was the first president of our new nation.  He worked under the new republican form of government.  He helped put the basic principles (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) into practice for the new nation!

This statue depicts George Washington leading his (her!) troops into battle. Parents, ask us who is who in this picture!

Martin Luther King, Jr.:


Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African American minister who worked for equal rights for all people. He helped bring about changes in laws through peaceful means.

Cesar Chavez:


Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American who worked to improve conditions for farm workers. Parents- ask us who is who in this photograph!

Abraham Lincoln:


Abraham Lincoln was the United States president when the country was divided over the issue of equality for all people.  He helped free African American slaves.

This was the end of our famous Americans unit! Today we got to take home our final product.  Ms. Miedema collected and organized all of our presentation notes with copies of all our readings into these little booklets:


Students: enjoy your new books! Share them and discuss the contents with your parents 🙂

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